Thursday, October 25, 2018

Yeast of Eden

The Waffle King is coming to Wildwood Cove and with him is Wally's Waffle Kingdom. In Yeast of Eden by Sarah Fox, Marley McKinney worries about the competition for her cozy pancake house, Flip Side. (Yeast of Eden will be released on October 30)

Wally had grown up in Wildwood Cove, but few residents were fans of him. When he inherited a large amount of money, he returned to town with his half sister to expand his "empire." Wally left some bad blood behind including with Marley's friend Lisa. It seems Wally had been selling drugs and Lisa's brother Carlos fell victim to them. He had been struggling with addition ever since.

When someone kills Wally in a particularly gruesome way in his state-of-the-art restaurant kitchen. suspicion falls on Marley's chef Ivan and her friend Lisa. But there are several other suspects.

As much as Marley would like to stay out of the investigation, Lisa begs her to discover who killed Wally. She fears with Lisa's former connection to him, she will be accused. Marley begins to investigate and has her sights set on one of Wally's associates and then he also winds up dead.

At a loss for where to turn next, Marley finds herself in a car alone with a murderer. A tense and dramatic ending to delectable mystery. Recipes included at the end of the book. Yum!

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