Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Under a Dark Sky

Once again, Lori Rader-Day has scared the living daylights (no pun intended) out of me. In Under a Dark Sky, Eden Wallace, newly widowed and suffering from a fear of the dark, finds a reservation for a dark sky park in Michigan. It was in her late husband's name and was for a date around their wedding anniversary.

Deciding Bix would want her to go the park, she packs up and heads to the upper peninsula of Michigan, aiming to arrive before darkness falls. When Eden arrives, she discovers her suite is part of house that is occupied by a group of twenty-somethings. She thinks about returning home, but knows she will not reach Chicago before dark and that's where the trouble begins.

The group consists of six college friends lead by the charismatic and charming Malloy, his lovely new girlfriend Hillary, and his old friends Dev, Paris, Sam and Martha. There's a strange aura surrounding the friends and they don't seem to care for Hillary and appear jealous of Malloy's attention to her.

When a scream awakens Eden in the middle of the night, she races to the kitchen to find Malloy with a screwdriver protruding from his neck and Martha keening over the body covered in blood.

While Eden battles her fear of the dark at a dark sky park (how ironic), she also tries to figure out who among the friends in the murderer. During her introspection, she learns more about herself and her relationship with her late husband, and maybe finds a way to move her life forward.

A relentlessly surprising mystery by a fantastic storyteller.

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