Monday, October 22, 2018

In Peppermint Peril

Callie Aspen takes a break from her Travel the Past job and comes home to Heart Harbor, Maine. She plans to help her aunt Iphigenia at the Book Tea Shop she operates. In Peppermint Peril by Joy Avon finds Callie up to her neck in tea party arrangements. (In Peppermint Peril will be released by Crooked Lane Books on November 13.)

It seems grand dame Dorothea Finster is planning a tea party at her sprawling mansion Haywood Hall. Callie spent many summers there as a girl and has found memories of the house, especially of the handsome grandnephew Stephen DuBouvais. Aunt Iphy has an elaborate cake planned for the party and she needs Callie on site to put the layers together.

When Callie arrives she encounters her childhood friend Sheila, who has been married to Stephen for 22 years. Sheila confides in Callie that although this event is supposed to be a reading of Dorothea's new will, Sheila is planning an engagement party for her daughter Amber, unbeknownst to Amber.

There's a special slot in the cake for the precious family heirloom ring and Callie carefully places it in
its position. When the time comes, Ben, the future fiance will present the ring to Amber. The festivities begin and Ben cuts the cake, withdraws the box and opens it to discovers it is empty.

Amber rushes out of the room and then a few minutes later there is a scream. Leadenby, the gardener is found dead in the conservatory (how very Clue like) with a screwdriver in his body. Sheila is leaning over him with blood on her dress. Callie is determined to find the killer.

In Peppermint Peril is the first in the Book Tea Shop Mystery series. I am looking forward to others.

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