Thursday, October 18, 2018

Midsummer Mayhem

Take a local gardener, mix in a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream and add a murder and you'll have a delightful mystery entitled Midsummer Mayhem by Marty Wingate. Pru Parke loves gardening, but gets roped into being the set designer for the outdoor performance of the play. (Midsummer Mayhem will be released on November 6 by Alibi.)

Once famous TV Ambrose Grant is appearing in the play and naturally all of Pru's friends want to come to the set. Because there are so many characters, Pru struggles to learn their real names so she refers to them by their character names.

One character in particular,  Lysander, seems more concerned with female conquest than his lines in the play. There's also tension between Ambrose and costume designer Miriam which Pru feels the need to resolve.

When one of the actors dies from anaphylactic shock from bee sting, Pru
dives right in to find the killer. With the performances only two weeks away, this catastrophe has the cast in a stir. When they discover Pru is married to Detective Inspector Christopher Pearse, they are all suspicious of her and try to avoid her.

A very enjoyable mystery.

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