Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Reason to Doubt

Another excellent adventure for reporter Carol Childs. In Reason to Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman, Carol's college-aged daughter Cate returns home with an aspiring fashion photographer named Pete Pompidou. Because Carol has been investigating the deaths of three young models, she has deep concerns about Pete. (Reason to Doubt will be released by Henery Press on November 6.)

When he is arrested, she tries to keep her daughter safe in case he is the killer. Incriminating photos of the women were found in his apartment, but Cate is convinced he is innocent. This sends Carol on a daring quest to find the killer and prove that her daughter's instincts for her boyfriend are right.

Carol receives a phone call at her radio station from a waitress in a local strip club saying she knows who the killer is because she killed him. Wasting no time, Carol races to meet the waitress named Xstacy. Xstacy claims she ran over the killer in the parking lot of the strip club.

At the strip club, Xstacy hear the man talking about taking Polaroid pictures of the models and leaving them at the scene of the crime. Carol knows that news what not reported and is beginning to believe Xstacy. When Xstacy and her friend Jewels decide to set up the man as a disheveled drunk, they wait for him outside the club and run him over.

The police are called and they believe it was an accident. Carol knows she cannot go to the police with this story, especially as Xstacy has asked to keep her name out of it. When Carol cannot get in touch with her, she worries for her safety.

When another body is found, Carol worries the real killer was not run down in a traffic accident and maybe it is her daughter's boyfriend after all.

Another spine tingling, tense mystery by Nancy Cole Silverman.

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