Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Murder on Millionaires' Row

When Thomas Wilshire disappears from his home on Millionaires' Row in New York City, housemaid Rose Gallagher makes it her business to find him. In Murder on Millionaires' Row by Erin Lindsey, Rose is sure her boss in in trouble, but the police think otherwise.

Rose knows Mr. Wilshire is efficient and would never miss an appointment; now he has missed two. She seeks assistance from one of his friends, but he puts her in her place and tells her not to interfere. Undaunted Rose follows Mr. Burrows to Five Points, the very rough neighborhood where she grew up. What business would bring a man like Burrows here?

She overhears a conversation between Burrows and another middle-aged man in front of the Masonic Hall in Five Points. They are discussing Wilshire's missed appointment with Mr. Wang, and Rose believes they know more than are saying.

As Rose heads to Mott Street to speak with Mr. Wang, she encounters a woman whose dress is covered in blood. When Rose
sees the woman walk through a lightpost, she is frozen in disbelief. Rose bursts into Mr. Wang's shop and tries to explain about the ghost.

Mr. Wang discourages Rose for following up on Mr. Wilshire, telling her he does not know him. Frustrated Rose heads back to the house and remembers a clue. Mr. Wilshire had been reading the newspaper when he rushed out of the house. As she reviews the paper, she discovers an article about a ghostly attack on a treasure hunter near Hell Gate on the river.

With the help of Sgt Chapman, Rose learns about ghosts, shades and a leaking portal to the outer realm. Throw in a Pinkerton detective and you have an excellent adventure in the paranormal.

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