Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Solicitor

Successful attorney Andrew Stephens finds himself in a tough, close race for Solicitor (District Attorney) in Charleston against S. Bartholomew Michaels. He offers his friend Noah Parks a position of deputy solicitor if he wins, but Noah is not so sure he wants the job. In The Solicitor by Sean Keefer murder and politics take center stage.

After all the ballots are counted, the Solicitor election is basically is too close to call so I recount is scheduled for the next day. When S. Bart challenges some votes, he is declared the winner, but no one has seen Andrew in days.

Noah repeatedly calls Andrews office, his cell and home phones, but receives no response. Feeling uneasy, Noah decides to go to Andrew's house and to his horror, he finds him hanging from the ceiling of the pantry.

At first the police believe Andrew killed himself because of the election, but Noah knows Andrew
would not kill himself over the Solicitor position. Suddenly Noah finds himself arrested for Andrew's murder based on new information. He hires a well-known criminal attorney and after a week in jail, Noah is released, but still charged.

Noah's search for the real killer leads him on a frightening journey through the ins and out of the criminal justice system. One cannot imagine how someone without law experience would be able to navigate the pitfalls of being wrongly accused.

An excellent book with lots of unexpected events.

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