Monday, March 26, 2018

The Advice Column Murders

Charley Carpenter feels like she might never sleep again. Between the insomnia-induced headaches and the constant yelling by her unfriendly next door neighbors, she struggles to sleep at all. In The Advice Column Murders by Leslie Nagel Charley hears Dr. Paxton Sharpe berating his wife about cold dinner and toys scattered around the house. She feels sorriest for the twins being raised in the house.

Adding to Charley's tension are the delays in remodeling caused by mischief at her store Old Hat Vintage Fashions in Oakwood, Ohio. The local newspaper's advice column, Ask Jackie is usually the only bright spot in her day.

The latest column includes an oddly worded letter hinting that a child might be in danger. Charley remains edgy about the letter because something about the wording sounds familiar. When a bloodcurdling scream from next door drives her into the house, Charley discovers the dead body of Judith Sharpe's oldest daughter.

With Detective Marcus Trenault out of town at a conference and no one on the police force wanting her meddling into the death, Charley decides to investigate on her own. In addition to the angry Dr. Sharpe, there are other suspects including his adult son and even Mrs. Sharpe herself. There is something odd about her, but Charley cannot pinpoint the problem. She does worry about the twins because one child rarely speaks and the other jabbers all the time.

As she delves deeper into the murder, another murder occurs and Charley finds herself in jeopardy. A tragic story unfolds and Charley finds the lives of many people have been irreparably damaged.

An exciting mystery with Charley at her best even though she is sleepless!

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