Monday, March 5, 2018

Six Feet Under

When the Culinary Channel's show Southern Home Cookin' makes plans to visit Cottonwood, Kentucky, Vivian Lowry is sure this is her chance to become a baking star. In Six Feet Under by Tonya Kappes, Sheriff Kenni Lowry has her hands full with her mother's budding stardom and the animosity generated by the TV star Frank Von Lee.

Vivian is going all out to win the approval of Frank, as she calls him, with her well known chicken pot pie. She even has resorted to botox injections, which worries Kenni, especially as the results are not positive.

When Frank turns up dead in hotel room with remnants of chicken pot pie surrounding him, all eyes focus on Vivian. Because of this Kenni is removed from the investigation and her detective Finn Vincent takes over. That doesn't stop Kenni from looking into the case, from another angle.

Kenni decides to follow the Botox party leads to see where this illegal is operating and how she can
close it down. While she investigates, she nearly finds herself injected with the illegal botox and stumbles across the fraudulent pink handicapped parking signs.

Once again Tonya Kappes gives us a glimpse of life in a small town in the south. Vivian is a "nation" unto herself and would drive any sane person crazy. It's a good thing Kenni has her ghost Poppa to help her.

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