Monday, March 19, 2018

Killer Debt

The brutal murder of a Loyalist financier in Wilmington, North Carolina, during the American Revolution, has the earmarks of a sadistic British officer. In Killer Debt by Suzanne Adair, Redcoat investigator Michael Stoddard begins the investigation, and he is sure Captain Fairfax had a hand in it. But when Fairfax displays an unbreakable alibi and is asked by their commander to take over the investigation, Michael omits some valuable information to protect a friend.

He still doesn't trust that Fairfax was not involved so even though he has been given a more high profile assignment, he still continues to investigate the death of Jasper Bellington. Missing from the scene is Belllington's nephew, his partner and a pub owner, believed to be with the rebels.

Stoddard's assignment is to guard a signer of the Declaration of Independence on a diplomatic mission to Wilmington. William Hooper is destined for Wilmington to negotiate a prisoner exchange and Michael's job is to make sure he is safe throughout his visit.

Killer Debt takes place in the summer of 1781 while the Eighty-Second Regiment was garrisoned in Wilmington. Although the Battle of Yorktown and the end of the war are a few short months away, Wilmington is still filled with Crown Loyalists and some not-so-loyal-to-the-crown residents. 

Michael is painstaking in his mission to remain fair and unbiased even when his lady love is threatened by her connection to her rebel brother. It's a balancing act and Michael performs his job admirably.

An interesting point of view on the American Revolution.

Watch for an interview with Suzanne Adair on MapYourMystery. com on Wednesday, March 21. 

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Thank you for the review, Christine. I look forward to the interview.