Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Santa Fe Mourning

World War I widow Madeline Vaughn-Alwin finds solace in the endless blue sky and picturesque landscape in Santa Fe. Leaving her aristocratic family in New York to find a home in Santa Fe, Maddie fulfills her dream to paint. In Santa Fe Mourning by Amanda Allen, Maddie has found solace and friends in the beautiful city of Santa Fe.

Her housekeeper Juanita Anayas and her family are from the Tewa Pueblo, but for some reason they do not go back to the Pueblo. Happy to be home Maddie discovers some tension between Tomas and his son Eddie, but Juanita doesn't explain and Maddie knows there is no way she will be able to learn the source of the problem.

Now that Maddie is home, she wants to enjoy the nightlife of Santa Fe with her friends. Although Prohibition is in full force, that doesn't stop bootleggers from supply the local clubs with alcohol. When Maddie stumbles across the dead body of her housekeeper's husband in the alley behind La Fonda hotel, she enlists her friends to find out what
Tomas had been involved in and why he has been so secretive.

The police are willing to write off Tomas' death as another inebriated Indian, but Maddie knows there was more to this death. When Eddie is arrested for the murder, Maddie digs deeper and finds some people are not what they seem.

She uses her new contacts to help her unravel the mystery and to an interesting new relationship. Santa Fe Mourning is an excellent first in a series. Amanda Allen's beautiful descriptions of the sky and surrounding area in Santa Fe make me want to travel to New Mexico soon.

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Margaret Dohr said...

I really like this leading lady and of course the setting of the story was fab!!!! Can't wait for the next one in the series.