Thursday, March 29, 2018

Date with Malice

When Samson O'Brien returns to his hometown in Yorkshire, he is still looked at as the black sheep of the town. Forming a detective agency, he tries to redeem himself. In Date with Malice by Julia Chapman, Mrs. Shepherd lives in the Fellside Court, a senior living facility, but she is sure someone is trying to kill her. She comes to Dales Detective Agency to ask for help.

Samson listens patiently and after spending time with Mrs. Shepherd, he dismisses her as a confused elderly woman. His next job is to find a prize-winning stud sheep. Along with his long-time friend Delilah Metcalfe, he discovers the plot behind the stolen sheep and solves the case easily.

Unfortunately Mrs. Shepherd dies at Fellside Court and when other strange events happen, Samson thinks he might need to investigate. As Fellside Court is the home of his recovering alcoholic father, Samson is reluctant to visit for fear of encountering his ne'er do well father, but prodded on by Delilah, he heads to the senior facility.

With his band of senior citizen investigators,  Samson begins to believe that there is something odd happening at the senior home and sets out to discover who or what is behind the incidents.

In the meantime Deliliah is running another speed dating event for her Dales Dating Agency and she tries to coerce Samson to participate. He resists but somehow she succeeds and when he turns up at the event, he turns things on their head.

Samson and Delilah are a great pair of characters and their interplay leads me to believe there will be romance in the air. Looking forward to the next book which will be out soon. 

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