Thursday, March 8, 2018

Deadly Solution

When Ollie Olafson wakes up from his drunken stupor, he finds himself arrested for the murder of his homeless friend Joe.  Recovering alcoholic and once disgraced attorney Maeve Malloy is assigned to his defense. In Deadly Solution by Keenan Powell, there's more to Joe's death than meets the eye.

After Maeve's fall from grace over a trial gone bad, her investigator Tom Sinclair rescues her from the depths of alcohol, gets her into rehab and negotiates a leave of absence from her job as public defenders office. Now out of rehab and back to work with a huge chip on her shoulder and something to prove, Maeve is determined to clear Ollie.

The only problem is the case comes to trial in three weeks, hardly time to investigate and prepare. Another problem is the defendant - he doesn't remember anything about the night, but he is sure he did not kill Joe. Ollie knows he and Joe were drinking heavily and Joe was using marijuana.

But Tom discovers the tox screen performed on Joe was negative and no autopsy was performed.
Maeve decides to order a private independent autopsy and when she receives the results, it shows that Joe had a high content of several drugs in his system.

As she continues to investigate, she finds many homeless people have died in Anchorage in the past few months and that no autopsies were performed. Is there a serial killer on the loose?

An interesting mystery featuring the "throw-away" people in many towns and the lack of sympathy towards their deaths.

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