Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Interview with Linda Lovely

What is the title of your newest book? 
Bone to Pick

How many books have you published?
Six books. The seventh, Picked Off is scheduled for release June 5.

How did you become interested in writing?
I was a journalism major, so I’ve always written for a living, primarily magazine feature articles, newsletters, and PR/advertising copy. I started writing fiction about 10 years ago.

What is a day in the life of an author like? Do you write a certain number of words, do you write in the morning or evening, etc?
I have no set schedule. But I’m used to deadlines and work hard to meet them. I have no problem butting my bottom in a chair and getting to work. I’m usually most productive in the morning.

Do you plot the entire book first, then write or plot as you go?
I’m a panster. I have a central theme and major crime but characters and the plot develop (and often change) as I begin to write.

Do you use real people and places as models for your books?
Real places definitely. Since there are always murders and villains in the books, I usually create a fictional county but nestle it next to real locations so the atmosphere and the geography are familiar to the reader. For example, Bones to Pick, is set in fictional Ardon County, which is located near Greenville and Clemson, South Carolina. Real people? Only in the sense that I will use personality traits I’ve observed in others to give my characters depth. But the characters are all fictional melds.

Who is your favorite author?
I have many but Susan Isaacs is probably number one. Love her humor. Michael Connelly is a close second.

How do you promote your books?
Blogs, a newsletter, book signings, book club visits, Facebook, Twitter.

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