Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Southern Discontent

Running a B&B in Savannah has its benefits and aggravation all at the same time as Quinn and Delilah Bellandini find out. In Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig, old lies, annoying guests and much more can make your day unpleasant.

Nothing is more unpleasant than discovering a dead body. That's exactly what Quinn finds when she stops in at her friend Drew's restaurant Green. Dead, with a knife in his back, is Jason, Drew's angry, rude and overbearing brother. As she stumbles to get away from the body, she slips in the mix of debris and blood and lands with a splat. When the detectives arrive at the scene, she is questioned harshly because of the blood on her, but released with a warning that she is a person of interest. 

When Drew is arrested, Quinn goes into overdrive to find out who the real killer is. No matter what she presents to the detectives, they are convinced they have the real killer, even threatening her with being an accessory.

While still trying to operate her B&B, she coerces her sister into helping her try to clear Drew. There
are plenty of suspects even someone from her high school past. When Tucker Heyward moves next door, he brings old memories from a high school drama that included Delilah. Quinn can't forgive Tucker, but he keeps trying to change her mind.

When signs begin to point to Jason's wife Valerie, Quinn discovers she was having and affair and was trying to sell the unprofitable restaurant. Quinn thinks she has found the perfect motive. Butting heads with the detectives throughout her investigation, Quinn soon discovers the killer and finds herself in jeopardy.

Looking forward to more of the Bellandini sisters and their adventures.

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