Monday, February 26, 2018

Murder at the Castle

With a lovely dress selected, Libby Forest has finally set a wedding date with Max Ramshore. But a murder at the castle knocks the wedding off target. In Murder at the Castle by Frances Evesham  Libby is thrust into another investigation.

A group of students is on a tour of Dunster Castle and they are trying out the speaking tube. The tube enabled the butler to speak with the downstairs kitchen staff.  One of the students is reading the part of the butler and volunteer Beryl Nightingale is reading the part of one of the servants. Abruptly Beryl's voice ends.

As the other volunteers rush downstairs, they hear another cry. Volunteer William Halfstead is leaning over the body of Beryl. The timely arrival of Libby to the castle with a cake for the students puts her in the middle of the investigation.

Who would want to kill the timid, quiet  Beryl. She has been a
fixture in the village for decades without raising too much notice. But secrets don't always stay hidden in a small town.

On another front, Max and Libby's Carpathian sheep dog, Bear has gone missing. At first they think the dog has just wandered away and will return at his own leisure, but soon they are worried he has been dognapped. Several dogs in the surrounding area have gone missing and there appears to be a dognapping ring in business.

Max heads off to find Bear and Libby investigates Beryl's death along with the local police. Murder at the Castle is the sixth in the Exham by the Sea series and another clever mystery. I'm happy to see Angela, Libby's friend with an expanded role. She is an excellent character.

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