Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In for a Penny

Golf is usually a relaxing way to spend the day, but when Cleopatra Jones skulls her golf ball across the green, it lands in the inseam of a dead banker she knows. In In for a Penny by Maggie Toussaint, Donny Davis was a not-well liked loan officer for the town's bank although he was a close friend of Cleo's ex-husband and deadly enemy of her best friend Jonette. It was definitely murder as he was shot between the eyes.

When the police decide Jonette is suspect number one, Cleo wants to protect her friend and discover who killed Donny. As she starts to investigate, her ex-husband begins to enter the frame as someone who might have a reason to kill Donny.

Cleo doubles her effort to find the killer because as much as she would like to see  Charlie punished for his cheating ways, she doesn't want her daughters to have a convict for a father.

As she digs deeper she discovers some irregularities at the bank where Donny, Charlie and Charlie's
new wife Denise work. Hoping against hope that Charlie isn't stupid enough to go along with one of Donny's schemes, she keeps digging. To distract her for her investigation, it seems the handsome, well known Romeo head pro at the golf course is sending signals that he is interested in Cleo.

As she has sworn off men since her divorce, Rafe becomes a distraction Cleo cannot handle. There was a little too much time spent on this angle of the book and Rafe doesn't seem like to kind of person who would be interested in Cleo. Just saying, and why would she want a well-known womanizer after her cheating ex-husband.

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