Saturday, October 29, 2016

Murder, Mystery and Astrology

As if it is not difficult enough to make a living as a astrologer in San Francisco, it becomes more difficult when Julia Bonnati makes an enemy of Reverend Roy of the Prophet's Tabernacle. In The Madness of Mercury, A Zodiac Mystery by Connie di Marco, Julie's troubles begin when she answers a question in her AskZodia newspaper column and calls out false prophets and people who martyr themselves. 

Soon she is receiving threatening emails and phone hangups. When a demonstration breaks out in front of her home and a brick is thrown through her window, Julia fears she may have started something she cannot finish. She also believes there is a leak at the newspaper because the emails are coming to an account only her editor knows and her home address is a secret as well. To add to the mayhem, her friend Cheryl's shop, The Mystic Eye, is firebombed. Julia decides to take herself away from the fray for a few days. 

She has been reading charts for a client named Dorothy who has been dealing with her elderly aunts
Evandra and Eunice and her estranged husband. Dorothy asks Julia to arrange a seance for her aunt so they can try to contact her long dead relative. Before the seance Julia learns that Eunice and her caregiver Gudrun do not plan to attend the seance because Gudrun is a follower of Reverend Roy. This sets alarm bells ringing for Julia, especially after they discover Eunice and Gudrun missing.

Julia sets out to rescue Eunice before she signs over her property and money to the Reverend. What transpires is a hair raising plan to rescue Eunice at the Reverend's compound. 

This is the first book in The Zodiac Mystery series and I look forward to the next one

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