Friday, October 7, 2016

A Closet Can be a Killer

Irene Seligman plans to open an upscale consignment shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but instead finds the body of a murdered woman in the closet. In Paula Paul's A Killer Closet, this won't be the first body Irene discovers.

Dragged back from her job as an assistant DA in New York by her demanding mother, Adelle, Irene is determined to settle her mother and return to New York. When she finds her mother in a reduced state after the death of her fifth (or sixth) husband, Irene is not sure how many, she decides to stay.

The murder victim is a friend of Adelle's named Loraine Sellers. There are whispers about an affair with someone in government, but Irene just wants to open her consignment shop. When the police take Irene to the police station as "a person of interest" in the murder, she knows this is not going to be a run-of-the-mill visit to the police station. She demands a lawyer and before she knows it, she has hired P.J. Bailey. He says he knows who the killer is.

Another murder and the kidnapping of her mother makes this case personal for Irene and she and P.J. set out to find the killer and kidnapper. Irene is not sure she trusts P.J. but she follows his plan and the plot twists and turns until a surprising and unexpected conclusion.

I enjoyed this book because of all the unexpected plot twists. I'm only sorry that this does not appear to be a series in the making. For this book, click here.

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