Monday, October 24, 2016

Good Buy Girls Mystery

The Good Buy Girls are at it again in Buried in Bargains by Josie Belle. Maggie has purchased a thrift store and expanded her thrifty actions to the store. She and her pals are getting ready for big time holiday thrift shopping including purchasing gift wrap at 75% off.

I really wanted to like these books as I have read the first three, but sometimes Maggie gets on my nerves. For a woman in her 40s she acts very much like a petulant teenager, especially around Sheriff Sam Collins. She and Sam have a history from their high school days, but now that he is back in St. Stanley, Virginia, he is trying to win Maggie over.

When Maggie witnesses a disturbing scene between her friend's husband Michael Claramotta and his newly hired assistant Diane Jenkins, the next day brings more complications. Michael is found unconscious along the body of Diane in the Deli. Michael is taken to the hospital and doesn't remember anything about the incident. This brings Maggie and her friends into the investigation. They discover no background material on Diane nor a job application. It is as if Diane did not exist.

I found the way this plot unraveled very contrived and the killer stood out like a sore thumb. I'm surprised it took the Good Buy Girls so long to figure it out. I have the fourth book but I am not sure I will read it.

The first book in the series is 50% Off Murder.

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