Monday, January 30, 2017

Thyme for All Seasons

As turns one in February, I thought I would review the author I began the blog with - Leslie Budewitz. Thank you to all the readers authors and publishers who have made this possible. Keep reading!

When a long lost family friend turns up with a different name and pretends she does not know you, Pepper wonders what she is hiding. In Killing Thyme, Pepper and her mother Lena are browsing through the Pike Place Market when they catch sigh of a new potter who turns out to be an old friend who disappeared years ago.

Later in the day, Pepper sees her mother and the potter arguing in the street. Although she cannot hear them, she can tell they are having angry words. When the potter winds up dead in her apartment the next day, Pepper is worried her mother might be a suspect.

Pepper remembers those days long ago when the family home was more of a cooperative household and so many people came and went. But why doesn't her mother want to talk about the past? Who is Peggy Manning or Bonnie Clay as she is known now? How is she connected to the disruption of Pepper's childhood home and the long ago death of two of the co-op members?

Meanwhile in the Seattle Spice Shop, Pepper and her crew have developed a bridal registry and have to deal with bridezillas along with all the other activities surrounding the shop.  And if you've always wanted to know what Pepper's real name is, you will find out in this book. Gotta love those hippie parents!

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