Friday, January 6, 2017

Ghosts and Murder

Sketch artist Rory McCain inherits her uncle's house after he dies suddenly. What she doesn't expect is the ghost that haunts the house. He is a federal marshal named Ezekiel Drummond and he has been haunting the house since the 1870s. In Sketch Me If You Can, author Sharon Pape leads readers through a new and ghostly relationship.

Zeke claims he had been helping Rory's uncle Mac solve cases and wants to continue helping Rory. As she has no plans to be a private investigator, she declines the offer. Before too long, Rory is drawn into some of her uncle's unsolved cases. One includes the so-called accidental death of an interior designer Gail Oberlin.

Gail's brother Jeremy believes her death was no accident and he wants Rory to continue trying to solve the case as her uncle Mac had been trying to do. As a police department sketch artist, there is a clear cut no moonlighting policy, so Rory tiptoes around that rule and tries to solve the case. She uses her police connections to check the evidence collected from the scene. The only thing she finds is a  a piece of crisp plastic. She feels she needs to return to Gail's house to see what else she can find.

Of course there are plenty of suspects  - Gail's ex-husband and his fiancee and even her brother
Jeremy. When Zeke tells Rory he knows that Mac was murdered, she uses her sketch artist abilities to draw the two men from his description. Because Mac's death occurred in the evening, the sketches aren't that helpful. Before long Rory begins to think the two cases might be related.

Rory and Zeke make an unlikely pair, but the dynamic between them is amicable, hostile, friendly, aggravating and much more - just like living with a real person! A fun read.

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