Saturday, February 27, 2016

Montana - Big Sky Country

Montana probably would not be the first location that comes to mind when you think about locally-grown food and cozy mysteries. Author Leslie Budewitz brings Montana foods to life in her Food Lovers' Village Mysteries.

In Death Al Dente, the setting is Jewel Bay, Montana, 30 miles from Glacier National Park. Glacier Mercantile owner Erin Murphy and her mother Fresca (short for Francesa) aim to give tourists the opportunity to take home a "Taste of Montana". Fresca makes her delicious tomato sauces, homemade pasta and other Italian specialties sold in The Merc. More than two dozen local producers  provide Montana products for sale, including chocolate covered huckleberry truffles, jams, seasonal produce and more.

Erin, newly returned home from Seattle to help manage The Merc,
is the Queen of Festivals. Her first Festa di Pasta is set to begin when a body is found behind The Merc on the Festa's Opening Night. Fresca is accused of the crime and Erin must search for the real killer.

I found this series fun and I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the lead character. Erin is always on the watch for other products to add to her mix. I'm not sure I would ever eat a huckleberry, but maybe if I travel to Jewel Bay, Montana, Erin might change my mind.

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Leslie Budewitz said...

Thanks, Christine! So glad you enjoyed the trip to Montana, on the page. Although Jewel Bay is based on several MT towns, one in particular, I consider it a place of the heart!