Monday, June 5, 2017

Not that Murder at the Cathedral

Not to be confused with T.S. Eliot's Murder at the Cathedral, Frances Evesham's Murder at the Cathedral also takes place in England in a cathedral. Libby Forest is happily making chocolate truffles at Frank's Bakery, but she still has her hand in mystery solving with Max Ramshore.

When Libby and her friend Angela learn historian Giles Temple was found dead in the Cathedral library, Libby can't resist the challenge. The victim was found with a heavy book chain around his neck; the added complication of an orange scarf seems to implicate Angela. The last thing Libby wants to do is leave the crime solving to the condescending Chief Inspector Arnold especially after he arrests Angela. It seems Giles Temple was a married man, yet he was flirting with Angela. She didn't take it seriously, but gave him the scarf as a joke.

In the meantime Libby and her fledgling private investigation agency (with Max, of course) are hired to find a missing cat. Not wanting to waste her time on searching for cats while she tries to help Angela, she takes the cat case anyway. When another person dies in an arson fire, and Libby's assistant Mandy seems to be a suspect, she goes into full investigation mode.

I like Libby Forest as a character. and as an investigator. She uses her head to solve the mystery rather than dashing off on a dangerous mission. In other books I have read, the lead character blindly walks into a dangerous situation and is too stupid to live. Libby is smart, thoughtful and cautious, plus she makes a mean chocolate truffle.

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