Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Letters from Paris

Claire grew up in Louisiana living with her grandmother after her mother's death in a car accident. In Letters from Paris, Juliet Blackwell weaves a beautiful story into a mystery. The story is told through two points of view: Sabine, a young French model, and Claire. As a child Claire discovered a mask of a beautiful woman in her great-grandfather's belongings and it became her friend during her childhood. 

She finds a note in the book which says "He will never let me leave alive." Throughout her life the words in the note and the exquisite face on the mask captivate Claire. Her grandmother always said Claire was destined for greater things. While she is home in Louisiana she tries to research the mask maker and finds the Moulage Lombardi is still in business. Startled to discover the mask she has is a famous one, she heads to Paris to track down the L'Inconnue de la Sein - The Unknown Woman of the Seine. 

After wandering as a tourist through Paris, she finally decides to locate the atelier. It is still operated
by the same family - a grumpy mask maker named Armand and his lovely cousin Giselle. In their shop Giselle tries to manage the customers, but she speaks no English and Armand speaks English, but is rude and uncaring. Out of the blue, Claire decides to offer her services as a translator/salesperson, while she tries to discover who the L'Inconnue is.

What she finds is poignant and beautiful. A lovely story woven skillfully together with past and present. 

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