Monday, May 7, 2018

Picked Off

A Halloween-themed fundraiser for Carol Strong, a friend of Brie's aunt Eva is planned at Udderly Kidding Dairy. In Picked Off by Linda Lovely, Brie is looking forward to meeting Carol's son, Zack, a successful NFL quarterback. (Picked Off will be released on June 5 by Henery Press)

Carol Strong is running for governor of South Carolina, but she has some enemies who might try to disrupt the evening. Security is being provided by Brie's two would-be boyfriends, Paint and Andy. When Chester Finley drives up in a hearse with a bullhorn, he accuses Carol of being a "traitorous bitch". Chester is a member of CAVE - Citizens Against Virtually Everything.  He's pretty brave when he has his posse of other thugs with him.

Zack jumps in and punches Chester. Before a full on melee breaks out, Eva chases the intruders off with her shotgun. Trying to resume the evening takes some doing, but things seem to be running smoothly.

With everyone in costumes, security is tough so it's no surprise when someone assaults Zack with a pitchfork and no one can identify the assailant. Seriously injured, Zack is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Carol stations herself at his bedside until a phone call takes her away. Suddenly Carol is missing and no one has any idea what has happened to her.

Along with her three sidekicks - Mollye, Paint and Andy - Brie tries to find Carol and keep the star quarterback safe. There's plenty of plotting and planning and lots of running away from the "bad guys" in this latest installment of the Brie Hooker Mysteries, and as usual Brie and Aunt Eva are right in the thick of things.

Another enjoyable mystery. 

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