Friday, May 4, 2018

Charmed Bones

Sarah Booth Delaney is in the midst of an uproar at the Zinnia, Mississippi, Board of Education. It seems three sisters who are Wiccan want to open a school in Zinnia. In Charmed Bones by Carolyn Haines, the town is divided on the request.

When Sarah and her partner Tinkie are hired to find the delinquent son of the most vocal critics, they know he is a troublesome kid. The parents are sure Corey has been kidnapped by three "witches" who live in Musgrove Manor. Sarah Booth and Tinkie are not so sure.

When they meet the three sisters, who by all appearance seem to be attractive, trendy women, they try to defend them from the crazies. Also living in the house is the reclusive artist and owner of Musgrove Manor Trevor Mugrove. He has promised to sell the Manor to the sisters conveniently named Hope, Faith and Charity Harrington.

Sarah Booth and Tinkie don't really want to search for Kitten's delinquent son, but the pay is too
good to pass up. They head out to the Manor to meet the sisters and to gather information on Corey and what trouble he has caused.

When a well-know tabloid reporter Esmerelda Grimes from Memphis shows up and teams up with Kitten Fontana, Sarah Booth knows there will be fireworks about the three sisters and she is more determined than ever to help them fit in to the town. When the misleading and fabricated headlines start to fly, tempers flare.

When Trevor is found dead in the Manor, the sisters are suspected, and his death sparks a battle for the Manor and the land surrounding it. When another person is found dead near the Manor, the story takes a strange turn. There were so many twists and turns in this book, I was taken by surprise at the ending.

Oh and not to spoil things, but the attraction between Sarah Booth and Coleman makes some progress. Yay.

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Carolyn said...

That Sarah Booth and Tinkie--they are always in trouble!