Thursday, May 17, 2018

Marinating in Murder

The Culinary Capers group is set to have their monthly dinner meeting, but it's an outdoor picnic instead even though it is fall in Vermont. In Marinating in Murder by Linda Wiken, the friends are waiting for Allison so they can load their coolers into her SUV. (Published by Kensington Books.)

When she does, they are shocked to find the body of her not-so-ex-husband James. But more shocking is that he was married to another woman at the same time as he was married to Allison.  J.J. Tanner cannot resist the opportunity to investigate.

The situation becomes complicated when the second wife, Jessica, shows up and accuses Allison of murdering her husband, who she knows as Jeffrey. As J.J. digs deeper, she finds James/Jeffrey lead a secretive life and neither wife knew many details about his life.

While J.J. investigates, she meets Jessica's brother Brad who wants to help find the killer, but also seems interested in seeing her socially. She's torn by
this as she is still hoping to develop a relationship with the handsome PI Ty Devine, but J.J. figures she can investigate and enjoy an occasional dinner with Brad.

The more she digs, the fewer details J.J. is able to find about James/Jeffrey. She locates a group of hockey players who recognize him as someone from the fringe of their group, but no one claims any real knowledge of him.

In addition to her investigation, J.J. is dealing with a Bridezilla in job at Make It Happen. In J.J.'s mind event planning can be more difficult than a murder investigation.  Her investigation leads her into some unusual places and puts her in danger, but, as also, J.J.'s resourcefulness saves the day.

This series is a favorite of mine because of the Culinary Capers rotating dinner. This is something I have always wanted to organize. Maybe this will be the year.

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