Thursday, May 31, 2018

In Prior's Wood

The Right Reverend Bishop Nigel St. Stephen is wonders why Max Tudor is involved in another murder. Max, the handsome MI5 agent turned reverend seems to be in the middle of several murder cases since he arrived. In Prior's Wood by G.M. Malliet Max finds himself involved in another messy situation.

The village is populated by a assortment of odd characters. Among them is David, Lord Duxter of Monkslip, who was knighted for his efforts in the arts and publishing. When his wife is found in a compromising position with a married man, the village is atwitter with rumors.

Is it suicide, murder or misdirection in Prior’s Wood? Max Tudor isn’t sure when a young man and the lady of mayor are found together in an apparent suicide pact. Max finds the liaison troubling and so out of character, he decides to investigate  further. 

Lady Duxter has had her bouts of depression and had tried to commit suicide before, but no one figured she was having an affair with the married cybersecurity expert Colin Frost. When other suspicious events happen, Max decides to ask for the exhumation of Colin's grandmother and discovers she was poisoned. Suddenly Poppy, Colin's teenage
daughter is missing along with her boyfriend and a fire breaks out in at the writer's retreat.

Events seem to be spinning out of control until Max discovers the subplot behind all the problems. A diabolical mystery with many twists and turns.


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