Thursday, November 1, 2018

Murder in an Irish Churchyard

New graduate Siobhan O'Sullivan has the job of her dreams as a member of  the Irish Gardai Siochana. In Murder in an Irish Churchyard by Carlene O'Connor, it's Siobhan's first day on the job. But before she even clocks in Father Kearney appears at her door in the middle of the night.

He tells her he heard a gunshot and found a dead man in the churchyard. Siobhan knows she should call in the crime, but Father Kearney convinces her she needs to see the body first to know what she is calling in. Not the best idea for a new garda.

When Siobhan arrives at the churchyard, she finds the body lying on his side with his right arm extended toward the toward that reads "John Mallon." As it begins to snow, Siobhan hurriedly calls in the death so the snow doesn't cover evidence.

Chastised by her superior for not making the call earlier, Siobhan is further embarrassed when her former boyfriend MacDara Flannery arrives from Dublin to take over the case. The victim is American Peter Mallon who is on a quest with his family to find his roots. His wife, son, daughter, brother and a documentary film maker are all in Kilbane, County Cork searching for the ancestors. Someone one was overheard saying the group was here to "Right a Wrong", but the witness thinks it was a young person's voice, not Peter Mallon. Siobhan and MacDara join forces to find the killer.

Family rivalries, reputations and inheritance get in the way, but soon Siobhan and MacDara discover the truth is always stranger than fiction.

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