Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tail of the Dragon

Astrologer Julie Bonatti finds herself temping briefly for the law firm for which she worked in the past. Her former boss David Meyers needs someone to cover for his vacationing secretary and since several new bills have popped up in her life, Julia decides to take the job. In Tail of the Dragon by Connie di Marco, there's palpable tension in the office among the other employees, but disaster awaits in the form of a dead partner found in his office.

David is an astrology client of Julia's and when doing his chart recently she saw some difficult transits in it. A few days later when a second attorney is found dead, Julia worries the problems may be more down to earth. Julie learns that these two attorneys and another have received threatening letters. The only common denominator among them is a long-ago insurance case involving a fire at the Bank of San Francisco.

Still grieving over the death of her fiance, Julia learns that an elderly neighbor may have seen the car that hit Michael. When she finally is able to find the man, he has passed away, but his children have photos he had taken for the day of the accident. With high hopes, she reviews the photos, but they don't really show anything.

Meanwhile at the law office Julia tries to speak with the widows of the lawyers, but finds them to be indifferent to the deaths. As she tries to unravel the connection with the insurance case, she finds herself in a dangerous situation in this thrilling book.

An excellent adventure in the Julia Bonatti series.

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