Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A New Place, Another Murder

When Sheridan Hendley left Cold Creek College and married Brett and moved closer to Appomatox, Virginia where he worked, she thought life would be pretty dull. She hadn't counted on the drama surrounding a teenaged girl. In A New Place, Another Murder by Christa Nardi, Sheridan finds herself thrown into another investigation.

Teenaged Maddie is attending a summer camp with her friend Alex. When she comes home highly disturbed and reports Alex has been arrested for stealing money, Sheridan is worried about Maddie as well. When Alex, then Maddie are implicated in the thefts and a murder, Sheridan dives right in to solve the case.

As she investigates, Sheridan discovers the teens were implicated by a pair of locally well-connected teenagers. The Buchanan family is powerfully connected not only to municipal government but to law enforcement as well. Without wanting to jeopardize Brett's job, she plunges into the investigation.

As the investigation unfolds, Sheridan learns Luke Buchanan has been sexually harassing Maddie during the school year. Nothing riles a police officer more than this type of behavior, especially to his own daughter, but Brett knows he is stymied by the family's clout.

In the midst of her investigation, Sheridan also is trying to find a job at a new university. Worried about her involvement in previous murder investigations at Cold Creek College, she tries to keep that aspect of her career quiet. Unfortunately it doesn't stay quiet.

I'm so happy to have Sheridan back on the scene.

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Christa Nardi said...

Thank you for the post and the kind words! Only 1 more day until it releases!!!