Monday, April 2, 2018

The Trophy Wife Exchange

Bank manager Sandy Warner is stunned when one of her former customers enters the bank to close her account. In The Trophy Wife Exchange by Connie Shelton, it seems Mary Holbrook has fallen on hard times because of her divorce. When Sandy learns the depths of Mary's husband's deception, she enlists the Heist Ladies to assist Mary.

For over 20 years Mary and her husband Clint owned and operated a small kitchen-and-bath business, but one day left her, took all their money and hooked up with a new trophy wife. Sandy believes her friends can find enough of the money Clint secreted away in other accounts to have the divorce settlement reopened.

Once Penelope Fitzpatrick, Gracie Nelson and Amber Zeckis join forces with Sandy to discuss the situation with Mary, then Amber can use her magical computer skills to locate the accounts and justice can be done to help Mary.

One problem: it seems Clint has expanded his business and has deposited money in banks in China.
He and his local TV news personality second wife take off for China and the fun begins. With Pen's usual skill and maneuvering they are able uncover a sneaky shell game involving Clint and his money as well as his possible issues with the Chinese mob.

Clint leaves his wife at a spa and takes off to go on a fishing trip. When he is presumed dead after falling off the boat, Pen and the Heist Ladies fear all might be lost. This leads them to dig deeper and discover the real game plan.

Another terrific adventure with the Heist Ladies in the middle of stolen money and a scorned ex-wife. I want to be Penelope Fitzpatrick when I grow up.

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