Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Killer Kebab

Georgie's divorce from her husband Spiro is nearly final and she is relieved to move on. In A Killer Kebab by Susannah Hardy, Georgie manages her mother-in-laws Greek restaurant in Bonaparte Bay, NY, on one of the Thousand Islands. During the winter, Georgie decides to make some renovations to Bonaparte House.

When she discovers the body of her divorce attorney in the under construction restroom with a shish kebab skewer in his back, she is sure she is cursed. In the past few months, she has stumbled on more corpses that she'd like and even the 9-1-1 operators recognize her voice.

Her life is complicated enough without another murder. Recently her mother who she had not seen for nearly 20 years turns up and Georgie leans about a "soon to expire trust" that could be worth millions. Unfortunately neither of these experiences will benefit Georgie.

Her mother is a pampered diva TV soap opera star and she refuses to discuss the trust. Of course
Georgie sets out to discover how many others are involved and also learns, she is not included. Jim McNamara, the body in the restroom, had been the administrator of the trust, but now after his death, some irregularities have been discovered.

It seems Georgie's mother, Melanie Ashley, and a recently discovered cousin Liza are the only heirs found so far to the Elihu Bloodworth lumber baron trust. They are both recovering from the flu at Liza's island spa. When the investigation into Jim McNamara's death and the assistance of her accountant friend, Georgie discovers the trust account has very little money in it and she wonders if their sudden illness might be prompted by something else.

A fast paced mystery set in the beautiful Thousand Islands area between the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. There's even a mystery surrounding the invention of Thousand Island dressing and some great Greek recipes too.

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