Monday, April 16, 2018

Murder in the Locked Library

When excavation for a luxurious spa at Storyton Hall, Virginia, uncovers a skeleton and a badly damaged book, Jane Steward finds herself in the midst of a centuries-old crime. In Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams, Jane had hoped the visiting book lovers would enjoy the resort without any outside interruptions. But that was not meant to be.

The members of the Rare Book Conference in attendance are eager to inspect the damaged book, but Jane needs to review the book first. She discovers there is barely any type visible on the pages. The cover of the book has a bunch of wheat on it leading some to think it might be a cookbook. After some study, Jane discovers the book writing can be viewed using a special technique and it appears to be a cookbook with some toxic ingredients included in the recipes.

Who was the person buried on the grounds and what is the significance of the book?

Jane and her staff try to piece together the answer when a visiting forensic anthropologist provides
expertise in the quest to discover the origins of both book and body. In the meantime the Robert Harley Society members offer their expertise as to the origin of the book. One member in particular - Bart Baylor - is known as the Book Doctor, and he offers to take a closer look. The book is identified as Mrs. Tanner's Everyday Receipts, but later became known as The Devil's Receipts, especially as toxic ingredients were discovered in the recipes.

Unfortunately after making this discovery, Bart falls dead from cyanide poisoning from the gloves he used to inspect the books. Shocked by this turn of events, Jane goes into superprotective mode; not only for her twin boys, but because she is the Guardian of the countless treasured volumes in the incredible library at Storyton Hall.

Jane soon learns not everyone is who they appear to be. Another excellent mystery by Ellery Adams.

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