Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wanna Get Lucky?

In Wanna Get Lucky? Deborah Coonts has created a character named Lucky O'Toole who is the chief problem solver at the Babylon Casino. This Lucky is not anything like Connie Archer's Lucky Jamieson from the Soup Lover's Mysteries.

Lucky O'Toole has led an unusual life and her job in the casino is filled with drama. When a woman falls from a Babylon helicopter into the middle of the Pirate Lagoon during a show, Lucky recognizes her and rushes to the scene. She alerts her security team to find the pilot and anyone else on the helicopter, trying to mitigate damage to the casino's reputation.

Although based on the other activities being held, the casino seems unconcerned about reputation. It is the site of the adult film industry's annual awards banquet, a swingers convention with a sex toy trade show, plus ElectroniCon.

As Lucky investigates, she believes Lyda Sue did not jump to her death, but was pushed. Now how to
prove it. With Paxton Dane, a new security employee, she tries to find the helicopter and the pilot. Although Lucky doesn't quite trust Dane, she needs him to help her track down the helicopter and take some of the negative publicity away from the casino.

When Lucky learns some of the other people on the helicopter include the Big Boss of the Babylon Casino and two others who are not above a little blackmail, she hops into high gear. Fearing there is danger for her casino, she digs deeper to find the rat.

In her personal life - what little there is of it - Lucky visits her mother, the owner of one of the best known brothels in Las Vegas, and discovers her best friend Teddy,  a handsome hetereosexual guy working as a female impersonator, is falling in love with her. All in a day's work.

Lucky is feisty, smart and has a sarcastic streak a mile long - a woman after my own heart. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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