Monday, August 14, 2017

Death Crashes the Party

It's hard to think of party planning as a hazardous business, but Liv McKay might debate you on that. While planning a 40th wedding anniversary for the colossally annoying Mr. & Mrs Erdman she discovers a body in the freezer and another one in a trash bag in their garage.

Death Crashes the Party by Vickie Fee is off and running from there. The men - Darrell and Duane Farrell - worked for Liv's husband's trucking company and were avid Civil War re-enactors and collectors. Both were shot and one of them was wearing a Confederate soldier uniform.

The sleepy little town of Dixie, Tennessee, doesn't see many murders, but this one coupled with a possible drug smuggling ring has everyone worried. With her friend Di Souther, Liv tries to discover who is behind the murders and see how she can clear the McKay Trucking company from the smuggling charge.

Sheriff Dave tries to warn Liv and Di off, but they disregard his warning and decide to investigate for
themselves. A little breaking and entering, some "borrowed" security tapes, a break-in at Liv's house while she hides in the bathtub and a cache of Confederate memorabilia propel them towards the complex, bewildering solution.

Liv and Di solve the case and things in Dixie go back to normal or at least until the next case! A fun read with two clever characters who work well together. 

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