Thursday, August 17, 2017

Betting Off Dead

When you are 28 years old and haven't figured out your life's journey, it is not a good thing, but when you are a witch and your Witchy Hour doesn't define a clear life's journey path, it is a disaster. In Tonya Kappes' Betting Off Dead, Maggie Park believes her life's journey is to work for SKUL, Secret Keepers of the Universal Law although her mother isn't so sure.

One of the key reasons Maggie believes her life's journey is SKUL is the very handsome agent Mike Jasper. She worked with him in the past and her witchy antennae is picking up another encounter. Sure enough he appears to convince her to play his wife in an investigation concerning horse doping and Churchill Downs.  Maggie stopped listening after he said "play his wife." She'd take the job whatever else it entailed.

It's their mission to get close to a group of wealthy couples involved in horse auctions. Sounds easy, right? But Maggie is surrounded by her witchy family, the Spell Circle of five and her familiar, a 1965 red AC Cobra. Nothing is easy with that array of characters around her.

Plunging into her assignment with Mike Jasper, Maggie even has a huge diamond ring to help her play the part. SKUL has concerns that someone is planning to dope horses that are competing in the Kentucky Derby. No loyal Kentuckian would want anything to happen during the sacred race at Churchill Downs, so Maggie works hard to discover who is behind the doping.

Another fun read by Tonya Kappes. My guess is there is something about Mike Jasper that might surprise us!

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