Thursday, July 6, 2017

Time Out

The Etonville, New Jersey Little Theatre is staging Arsenic and Old Lace, but when the director dies, it's not part of the play. In Suzanne Trauth's Time Out, Dodie O'Dell has more at stake then the food served before the production.

Director Antonio Digenza has been driving everyone crazy, including Dodie's friend Lola, reigning diva and acting artistic director for the Little Theatre. To make matters worse, Digenza has cast his untalented young wife in the play. Rumor has it Tiffany is having an affair with another cast member.

For Dodie's part of the production, she has planned an array of food from her restaurant, the Windjammer, to celebrate the play's Brooklyn roots at the food festival promoting the opening. There are hot dogs, knishes, egg creams, Italian ices and more. 

 At the Food Festival, Dodie notices Antonio and Tiffany, but she
is concerned about Antonio's demeanor. He appears drunk and is flushed with his breath coming in short bursts. With a plate of knishes in hand, he wanders off seemingly hungry and finishing off the food. Before long Antonio is seen gasping for breath and falling forward to the ground - dead.

Before long residents fear the worst and think it's the food from the Windjammer Restaurant that has killed Antonio Digenza. When it was determined he had been poisoned, there are plenty of suspects including the director's wife, his irritating assistant, the handsome co-star and even Lola. Dodie knows she needs to solve the mystery so her restaurant can survive.

This was a fun book and Dodie is an excellent character. There is potential for more in this series, I believe.

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