Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Room for Doubt

Carol Childs receives a phone call at 5:30 am from Tyler, her boss at the radio station. "There's a body up on the Hollywood Sign." Jolted awake, Carol begins another day of investigating in Room for Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman.

Sure enough, there is a body of a naked man hanging from the sign, but what is so disturbing is that Carol had just seen him flirting with a young woman in the grocery store the day before. The police rule it a suicide, but Carol is not so sure, especially because of the red clown's nose on his face.

A private detective calls Tyler and claims the case could be tied to several similar cases. He wants Carol to meet with the detective and see if there is a link. Gerhardt, don't call me Gerhardt, Chasen meets Carol near the site of the last death. He is convinced someone on the police force including Detective Riley is giving these cases only a cursory look.

Chase convinces Carol to use her new Sunday night radio show as a forum to discuss the latest death and his theory concerning the connection to the other deaths. When he calls into her show to discuss a series of grisly, gang-land style murders, he lights up the phone lines.

A caller implies she knows something about the deaths. Mustang Sally claims Bruno, the latest victim, deserved exactly what he got. And, shockingly she claims he was just an example, and adds a detail that wasn't included in the media account of the death. She ends her conversation by saying, "We're mad as hell. And we're not going to take it anymore."

Is Bruno's death the result of a group of vigilante women? Carol is shocked beyond belief. Before she can follow up, Mustang Sally hangs up. When Carol witnesses the obvious suicide of Detective Riley, she is numb, but realizes maybe there is some truth to Mustang Sally's claims.

She and Chase delve deeper into the cases, they discover a connection with Marcus Redding, the owner of the Los Angeles basketball franchise, who has been found dead. A notorious philanderer, Carol wonders if this death is connected. It seems the stakes have gotten higher.

In Room For Doubt, Carol Childs and Chase Chasen following a terrifying path to solve the murders.  This was an exciting book with an unexpected ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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