Friday, July 7, 2017

Sweet Hearts

I've come late to this series as there are at least 11 books in it. And oh, by the way Connie Shelton, I hate you for making me read these. I always need chocolate or pastries while I am reading them. In Sweet Hearts, baker extraordinaire Samantha Sweet is up to her elbows in Valentine's Day sweets.

To complicate matters Valentine's Day is her wedding day. (What ever was she thinking when planning this date.) She is marrying the handsome Sheriff Beau Cardwell. With Valentine's Day pastries and cakes virtually flying out of her shop, Sam is under pressure to replicate the delightful hand-dipped chocolates made by quirky Romanian chocolatier, now gone missing.

More complications take the form of a customer ordering a cake for her son. Marla Fresques is ill and wants Sam to help her find her son, Tito who has been missing for 10 years. Tito's daughter has been living with her and it is a race against time to find him before Marla dies.

As she digs deeper into the mystery of Tito's disappearance, Sam hopes the healing magic from her special box might help Marla gain some strength while Sam investigates. In the meantime Beau's fabulously gorgeous ex-girlfriend shows up determined to win him back. Sam, already a little paranoid, isn't sure whether she should marry Beau.

The deeper Sam delves into Tito's disappearance, the more disturbing it becomes. She discovers deception, double crosses and murder in the most unlikely places. An exciting mystery with an interesting lead character. It's no wonder she doesn't gain any weight from operating a bakery; Sam is always running around.

For those of you farther along in this series, Spooky Sweets is the latest.

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