Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The House of Memory

Raissa James is a private investigator specializing in the occult. Along with her partner Reginald Proctor, she is invited to  Montgomery, Alabama by Zelda Fitzgerald to help a friend. In The House of Memory by Carolyn Haines, Raissa sets out to help Camilla Granger.

Camilla is in a mental institution about to have a lobotomy to control her behavior. Harsh, you may think, but Camilla's mother has controlled her daughter actions throughout her life. When Camilla snaps and tries to stab her fiance David Simpson, not once but twice, her mother insists the marriage must occur.

It's only David she tries to harm, Zelda explains to Raissa. Because of her outrageous behavior Zelda has been banned from seeing Camilla, but she knows Raissa can help.

It seems the Camilla's behavior only manifests itself at Roswell, the house that David has purchased for her. As Raissa investigates the history of the house, she finds something that might help her cure Camilla. She also finds several other young women have fallen
victim to something unnatural.

When Raissa visits the formidable Bryce Hospital she hears voices asking her to help them. The doctors at the hospital insist their procedure will help Camilla, but Raissa senses something more is going on. Because Camilla refuses to leave the institution, Raissa, Reginald and David make plans to kidnap her away.

The second installment of the Pluto's Snitch Mysteries is filled with spine chilling frights and a spirit determined to have her own way and destroy everything in her path. Another excellent book by Carolyn Haines.

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Carolyn said...

I love finding the mystery on the maps--this is such a terrific review site. I'm also fascinated to find other writers using "local" locales for their books. This is such a pleasure. Thank you for doing this.