Saturday, December 30, 2017

Books for 2018

This past year has been a busy one for I have read 262 books and tried to review as many of them as I could. I'm looking forward to my reading list for 2018.

Some of the books I will be reading in 2018 include A Treacherous Curse by Deanna Raybourn, Another Bites the Crust by Ellie Alexander, The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor by Cathy Ace, Scones and Scoundrels by Molly MacRae, Curses, Boiled Again by Shari Randall, A Whisper of Bones by Ellen Hart, Playing with Bonbon Fire by Dorothy St. James, Death al Fresco by Leslie Karst and many more. If you have a favorite, please let me know and I will try to read and review it.

Happy New Year to everyone and my hopes for a peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2108.

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