Monday, December 11, 2017

Ginger Snapped

When Piper Prescott sees realtor Shirley Randolph flirting with Police Chief Wyatt McBride, she briefly regrets her missed chance with him. But Piper is deeply involved in her mother-in-law's bridal shower so she forgets about Wyatt. In Ginger Snapped by Gail Oust soon finds herself involved in a murder investigation revolving around him.

Shirley is trying to help Mavis Gray sell her hardware store to a couple from Syracuse, New York, but the small town of Brandywine Creek doesn't seem right for them. Ever the optimist, Shirley keeps plugging away, but before long she is found dead, naked in a pond on Chief McBride's property.

At first the police think it might have been suicide, but Piper knows that cannot be the case. Shirley was vivacious and even if she killed herself, she would never have done it this way.

When no water is discovered in her lungs, the verdict changes to murder and Wyatt is suspended
from the case. It falls into the inept hands of Beau Tucker who figures if Wyatt is charged, his path to chief is wide open. Piper doesn't want that to happen, so she throws herself into the investigation.

As Piper digs deeper, her shop is burglarized. When she is nearly driven off the road one night, she knows she is close to solving the case.

One issue seemingly solving itself is her attraction to Wyatt. Much to her surprise, he reciprocates. Now all she has to do is clear his name.

The spice shop setting is the perfect place for local gossip. It seems everyone stops in at some time or other to share a tidbit of information. Piper is a smart character as well, and although her ex-husband CJ and his dizty blond wife Amber are annoying, Piper deals with them very well.

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