Friday, December 29, 2017

Casket Cache

A unique setting to a mystery. Very few books have a funeral director as their lead character but Casket Cache by Janice J. Richardson gives readers a glimpse at a different world. 

Jennifer Spencer inherits her uncle’s funeral home in the Niagara Region of Canada. When she is out in a blizzard on a coroner's call with her assistant Peter, Jennifer finds her first day as the owner of Spencer Funeral Home very different from her days in a corporate funeral home in Toronto. 

In the next few days, she deals with the stillborn death of a baby, an imminent death and an accidental death, all of which she handles with grace and sympathy. Some people are born to be in the funeral business, and it appears Jennifer is one of them.

When a cache of money is found in a casket after an attempted break-in at the funeral home, Jennifer
finds herself in the middle of a mystery. The police are suspicious of Jennifer and wonder if she knew about the money. She decides to disregard their advice to let them investigate and seeks to find the owner of the money.

Meanwhile the first death turns out to be the murder of the pit boss at the local casino. Is there a connection between the death and the found money? Jennifer aims to find out.

Casket Cache offers a glimpse into an industry many of us use, but under trying circumstances. This book offers an interesting insight into the funeral business without the trauma of being directly involved. I look forward to reading the others in the series. .