Monday, October 2, 2017

Ax to Grind

A tense, unpredictable drama featuring Sheriff Kenni Lowry and her ghostly grandfather. Ax to Grind by Tonya Kappes is one of her best. 

When author Berlye Stone dies and her estate plans to hold a huge sale, many residents of Cottonwood fear there is a tell-all book among her belongings. Berlye's assistant Cecily Hoover asks the sheriff's office for extra protection for the estate, but Kenni isn't sure she has the manpower to do it. 

With scores of visitors from out of town descending on Cottonwood, Ruby's antique shop is booming. Many of Berlye's best pieces are housed there. But two factions are forming over the missing manuscript - Cecily believes it should go to the publisher and Ruby and the townspeople think it should be destroyed sight unseen. When Cecily vows no one will find the manuscript except over her dead body, Kenni feels a chill.

When Berlye's assistant turns up dead with an ax to her head and the wife of a former deputy is injured, Kenni and he handsome new deputy Finn Vincent are called to investigate. They find Cecily dead at the back door to Ruby's Antiques and inside they find Paige Lemar alive, but barely breathing.

What does the manuscript contain to provoke a killer? Where is the manuscript as Cecily said she had searched the entire mansion? And why does Kenni's stomach do a flip when Deputy Finn is around?

This was one of Tonya Kappes' best plotted mysteries. It kept me guessing throughout the book.  

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