Thursday, October 12, 2017

Margaritas and Murder

There's nothing more disconcerting than waking up with the early morning sun streaming through your open drapes, followed by a phone call from a friend and loud knocking on your front door. Mix in two policemen looking for your sister and it's Good Morning, Sunny.

In Margaritas & Murder by CeCe Osgood, Sunny Truly knows there has to be a better way to start her day. Detective John Rock wants to question her sister Lila about a friend - Joyce Elton - who either jumped or fell from her balcony into a tree. Unfortunately Joyce left behind the body of Ronald Brownfield in her apartment, dead from a gunshot wound.

Even though Joyce's parents want Sunny to clear their daughter, her boss from Haylock Investigations tells her to get back to her field investigation involving the Loganberrys. Sunny can't help herself and becomes immersed in the investigation to clear Joyce.

When Sunny connects Joyce and Brownfield to high roller Conrad Hollister, she thinks she has just
scratched the surface. She discovers Hollister and three others are the owners of a club called The Celelestial, where some sketchy things have been going on. She also discovers Joyce was not Brownfield's girlfriend. It was a woman named Ana Marie Sawyer, who now is not answering her phone and seems to have disappeared.

When someone bursts out of Ann Marie's house with her laptop, Sunny knows she is on the right track. But that track leads to danger and violence.

This is the first of the Sunny Truly Mysteries and I look forward to the next one. Sunny is smart, persistent and funny. She will make a good private investigator after she gets through her apprenticeship!

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