Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Killer Location

The real estate business is not for the faint of heart. In A Killer Location by Sarah T. Hobart, Sam Turner is a rookie realtor working for Home Sweet Home Real Estate and dating handsome Police Chief Bernie Aguilar.

One problem though, Bernie is the ex-husband of her sister. Oops. At an Open House Sam gets a taste of the crazy lookie loos, including one who clogged the toilet, another who stole the small items on display and a woman with a dirty dog tracking mud on the white carpet.

But the worst is yet to come as she plans to bake cookies. Sam discovers a human finger, frozen solid, with a slim gold wedding band on it. Inside the ring is engraved "June 8, 1987. All my love, Everett." Everett is her boss' name.

During the tour of the backyard with the women and the dog, the dog escapes his leash and starts pawing through the yard. Before long the dog discovers a bone, then a body. When the body is identified as Everett's ex-wife and the owner of the house, Sam learns Marian was a partner in an investment company that was in trouble because of its shady dealings. 

When she finds another body in the house, Sam figures she is doomed. Then she learns her boss has
been arrested and the real estate agency is closed. Without the broker, Sam's license is suspended and her access to the MLS is cut off. Thoughts of losing her own new house have her struggling with what to do.

She sets out to prove Everett isn't the murder, but gets herself in more trouble, and she still has not told her sister she is dating her ex-husband. As her search for the killer becomes more involved, Sam finds herself faced with a dangerous killer.

I enjoyed A Killer Location and Sam is a believable character and truly wants to be a good realtor.

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