Monday, October 9, 2017

Spooky Sweet

From the beginning of this series, I have enjoyed Connie Shelton's character Samantha Sweet and her special treats. In Spooky Sweet, Samantha has finally realized she needs more space for the chocolate production portion of her business.

As her staff continues to bump into each other at the Sweet's Sweets, Samantha tries to figure out how she make the expansion work, especially now that she has a contract with her most important client Stan Bookman. The need for more space has taken on an urgency of its own.

While she is trying to decide, her husband Sheriff Beau Cardwell is called to a local cafe when the owner finds a bag of money. A young person, dressed in all black with shaggy hair sticking out of a black knit cap had been sitting at the booth where the bag was found. No one recognized the teen.

Beau is sure the money did not come from someone's stockpile from under a mattress and he calls a friend at the Treasury to check the serial numbers. He finds the money was transferred to the First Bank of Springer, an adjacent town and was part of a recent armored car robbery. The driver of the truck was critically injured by a gunshot.

In the meantime Samantha is feeling the pressure of her workload and visits her magic box again for
more energy. She also wonders if her quirky chocolatier, Bobul would return to help during the Christmas rush and bring some more of his special powders. Her architect friend Darryl shows Sam drawings for a separate site where she can produce and distribute the chocolates, but the cost is way over her budget.

Dismayed, she wonders what to do when a local realtor finds a Victorian mansion she is sure would be perfect for Sam's needs. Needless to say Sam is overwhelmed, but charmed by the possibilities. She begins the renovation process and moves her chocolate making to the new place.

Before long Sam begins to notice some odd occurrences in the carriage house and suddenly Beau's case and Sam's move collide with dangerous consequences.

Another stellar book from Connie Shelton. And yes, I craved chocolate while reading this book. Who wouldn't!

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