Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Steamed Open

When an elderly neighbor, Heloise Herrickson dies and her heir decides to cut off access to the beach, everyone in Busman's Harbor, Maine, is worried about their business and their recreation opportunities. Most of all Julia Snowden is concerned about her Clambake Company's ability to get the staple of their cookouts - clams - with the beach access closed. (Steamed Open will be released on December 18 by Kensington Publishing.)

Clammers, locals and tourists alike are outraged when they discover a chain link gate across Herrickson Point, the access to the beach. The sign calling out Private Property means business. When Julia discovers the heir to the property is responsible for the fence, she sets out to change his mind.

Despite her urging Batholomew Frick keeps the gate closed and prohibits access, but shortly after Julia speaks with him, he is found dead. Not a good sign being the last to see the victim alive. Especially when he is dead with a clam rake stabbed into his neck.

Julia knows other clammers from surrounding areas can provide her with clams for a short time, but she knows the local beach needs to be open again. As Julia investigates, she finds many suspects. Included among them is a couple who have a reservation at the lighthouse near the beach, but they cannot drive their RV to the lighthouse because the local access is blocked by the fence.

When Julia discovers a connection between one of the locals and Heloise Herrickson, she probes deeper to discover who the murderer is.

You will feel the warm Maine sun and smell the ocean breeze and the clambake while you are reading this. I think a trip to Maine might be appropriate. I always crave Maine seafood when I read this series.

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Denise Kainrath said...

Maine sun and ocean breeze sounds beautiful right about now. Welcome back!

Annette said...

This is such a fun series.